The Best Features For Keeping Your Passengers Entertained

Cars get you where you need to go. And now they have a variety of built-in entertainment features to help pass the time on long trips or add to the leisure of short drives. Whether it's a DVD player, sunroof, or scrolling through your favorite playlist, there are many ways for you and your fellow riders to be occupied while in the car.

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However, understanding all your car's features isn't always easy. Our team of professionals at Lincoln Heights Ford is here to assist with that by helping you find the best features as you make your next automobile purchase.

In-Car Connectivity

Distracted driving is a dangerous issue, and new technology is helping to solve the problem. The ability to connect your phone to your car helps you keep your eyes on the road. Also, you can avoid the hassle of verbal directions and searching for exit signs on crowded highways. An in-car connective feature can assist with navigation, entertainment, and promoting safer driving practices.

Ford and Lincoln drivers have advanced options for in-car connectivity. Apple users have the luxury of Apple Carplay, which allows them to use their iPhone features, such as Siri, Apple Maps, and other IOS options. Android users have similar options available via the Android Auto Integration feature. These features are offered in most 2017 or newer models and select 2016 models. Stop by our dealership to learn more about finding a car that will help you with both safety and convenience.

Audio Systems

The soothing ambiance of music or the slow build of a gripping audiobook can help take your mind off the hours spent in the car as you travel the interstate. One of the benefits of in-car connectivity is the ability to play your favorite albums, podcasts, audiobooks, or anything else you desire through your car's state-of-the-art audio systems.

Ford and Lincoln offer a variety of different audio systems, from surround to a Bullfrog Hop portable speaker. Various audio system upgrades from your current setup are also available. The portable speaker produces up to 20 hours of continuous play, has a Bluetooth range of 100 feet, and can be fully charged in 2.5 hours. Its 360-degree sound design allows speakers on each side of the unit.

Some upgrade options include a 10-inch powered and enclosed subwoofer driven by a 200-watt RMS digital sub amplifier, plus 4 6"x 8" coaxial door speakers and a 4.1-channel digital amplifier. This system integrates flawlessly with the existing audio system using connector-to-connector wiring harnesses. The sub speakers can be installed under the seat, in one of the rear doors, or elsewhere, depending on the make and model. Our staff at Lincoln Heights Ford and Lincoln is glad to help you find a vehicle audio system that suits your interests.

DVD Player

There is probably no better way to keep your children occupied during a car ride than to pop in one of their favorite movies or hook up their preferred gaming console. A DVD player is a fantastic perk for parents managing young kids.

Both Ford and Lincoln models offer rear-seat DVD entertainment systems by Nextcase that include wireless headphones, rechargeable batteries, and a remote. Screen options range from one monitor or two dual screens as large as 16 inches. Multiple screens on the back of each front seat make for a clear viewing experience, and include a top slot-loading player and remote, along with game/video ports. A DVD system can help your family's beach trip or mountain vacation be peaceful and quiet until you reach your destination.

The Sunroof

You should enjoy the weather outside whenever you can. The sunroof is a splendid way to do just that.

Lincoln and Ford offer a variety of models that include sunroofs, ranging from the Ford Focus to the Lincoln MKZ. Sunroof sizes vary depending on the model of the vehicle. The weather in the Ottawa area is often cold. Add a sunroof to your travel experience and enjoy favorable weather at any available opportunity.

Lincoln Heights Can Help

Understanding all of your car's entertainment features is not always simple. Knowing what is at your disposal will help entertain you and your fellow passengers during your road trips and relaxing afternoon drives. Take advantage of what is available to you, whether it's your kids knocking out a couple of movies, or you and your friends enjoying a windows-down drive in sunny weather strolling down your favorite playlist.

Lincoln Heights Ford is here to help to make your driving experience more enjoyable. We proudly serve the Ottawa area, and our staff is eager to take the extra steps necessary to help you find the car of your dreams. Stop by and visit us today or go online at for more information.

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