Changing Tires : Rotation and Alignment

As winter begins to set in (we know it's fall, but we have to plan ahead), you may be considering winter tires. That's a good choice since the all-season tires you have on your vehicle may not be enough when the real cold comes.

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In fact, it's proven that good winter tires start to work when the mercury drops to an average of 7 degrees Celsius. And that's also the temperature at which your all-season tires become less biting and require a longer braking distance.

So, you've chosen to have your winter tires installed. And we suggest you rotate them, which is excellent. They also indicate an alignment. But why exactly?

Well, you should always rotate your tires when you change them. Tires are in direct contact with the road, so they take the most damage from wear and tear and need to be replaced often. But tire replacement can be costly, so it's essential to keep an eye on our tires and make sure we're maximizing their life.

Why rotate?

In general, the front tires on your Ford vehicle absorb more friction and therefore wear out faster than the rear tires. So, to make sure they wear evenly, the tires are rotated after a while - the front tires go to the rear, and the rear tires are put in their place. This maximizes the total life of all your tires combined. This is true for your all-season tires, and it's also true for your winter tires.

Be careful, though, as some tires require special treatment, being one-way, for example. And this is where the experts at Lincoln Heights Ford became indispensable.

What about balancing?

Tire balancing is not a routine service. Tire balancing helps protect the tire rims and maintain vehicle stability. It also eliminates unexpected vibrations and premature wear.

How often should your Ford tires be rotated?

As a general rule, you should rotate and align your Ford tires every 15,000 kilometres. But it also depends on your specific model and driving style. Regardless of mileage, if you see any of the signs mentioned above, visit your nearest mechanic as soon as possible.

And since winter is coming, take the opportunity to talk to your specialist at Lincoln Heights Ford.

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