Do you know the GOAT of your Bronco Sport?

You know the Ford Bronco Sport. It's smaller than the big Bronco, but it's not less capable. The proof is that it is equipped with the GOAT system (for Go Over Any Terrain). Basically, depending on the version (some versions are better suited for off-roading), GOAT automatically adapts the driving parameters according to the terrain you're driving on.

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With GOAT, the Bronco Sport automatically changes its driving parameters according to the characteristics of the terrain. Each one works differently and has been designed for a specific situation.

Normal mode

For everyday driving. This mode is the balance between excitement, comfort and convenience and is the default mode after each ignition cycle. If you want to lock the rear differential, you can do so and keep it engaged below 24 km/h.

Eco Mode

This mode allows for maximum fuel efficiency and increased range. The throttle response is softened, and the engine and transmission work together to maintain high speeds at low engine speeds per minute. Basically, we're talking about a two-wheel drive system that minimizes the power consumed by the drivetrain.

Sport Mode

This mode increases throttle response. The transmission system maintains low gears, keeping the engine in its optimum performance range to help the vehicle accelerate more quickly. The steering is optimized to give the driver a more direct and precise response, providing sportier performance.

Mud Mode

Mud or rut mode activates 4WD operation, which can be deactivated using the center console controls (available on some versions). If you want to lock the rear differential, you can do so and keep it activated below 48 km/h. The braking system is optimized for off-road performance, allowing for quick course corrections and minimizing braking distance on deformable surfaces.

In addition, the front camera system activates below 24 km/h for improved visibility. Traction control (TCS) and stability control (ESP) are less restrictive, allowing tire slippage.

Slippery mode

For routes covered in snow or ice or when traversing terrain with a firm surface covered in loose or wet material, Slip Mode is ideal. This setting softens the throttle response and optimizes the shifting strategy. The rear differential lock function is available and is activated below 24 km/h. The front camera is also activated below this speed.

Sand mode

The sand mode is used for off-road driving on soft and dry sand. In this system, lower gears are engaged longer to maintain momentum in soft conditions. In addition, the 4WD operation is activated - which can be deactivated using the corresponding controls - and braking is optimized in off-road conditions, allowing for quick course correction and minimal braking distance on deformable surfaces. As in mud or slip mode, the camera system is also automatically activated below 24 km/h.

Rock mode

With optimal climbing ability, Rock Mode activates 4WD operation and optimizes vehicle systems (transmission strategy, throttle mapping, among others) to provide increased traction at low speeds. Lower gears stay in rock crawl mode longer to minimize gear changes when negotiating rocks and obstacles. Throttle mapping in this mode improves throttle control and minimizes gear changes on rough terrain. Steering is optimized to reduce driver effort.

So, are you convinced now that your Bronco Sport is a true off-roader?

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