2022 Ford Explorer VS 2022 Dodge Durango

It's the battle of the mid-size SUVs. It's not easy to make a choice when the models on offer offer offer both performance and dynamism. The Ford Explorer, for example, has a long list of versions with qualities designed to meet needs. Off-road enthusiasts like the Timberline, speed enthusiasts will prefer the ST, while the more economical will turn to the Ford Explorer Hybrid.

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When it comes to shopping in this niche, however, the competition is fierce, and some contenders, like the Dodge Durango, are serious contenders. So let's look at how the 2022 Ford Explorer compares to the 2022 Dodge Durango.

Big vehicles

Interior space is the key to choosing this type of vehicle. If it's well laid out, the Durango can seat up to 8 passengers, while the Explorer is limited to 7. However, Ford's passengers will have 3 centimetres more clearance for both front and rear passengers.

Headroom is also more significant in the Explorer. In short, there are fewer people in the Explorer, but they're more comfortable!

Techno twins

Technology, especially infotainment, is now the key to some people's vehicle choices. Both the Ford Explorer and the Durango have a complete and easy-to-use system.

In the case of the Explorer, the 10.1-inch touch screen is ergonomic and takes advantage of Ford's latest developments. The display in front of the driver can also be customized, and the highest-end versions have a 980-watt Bang & Olufsen audio system. Active Motion seats that adapt to you round out the onboard experience.

While the Durango also offers an audio system, it's a little less powerful. And its touchscreen, featuring Uconnect, is only a modest 8.4 inches diagonal, making it more demanding to operate.

Fuel efficiency and power

These vehicles are all large. To help them deliver dynamic handling, Ford and Dodge have equipped the Explorer and Durango with a series of powerful engines.

Both models have the option of three engine choices. However, only Explorer offers a hybrid option under the hood. If you go with the 3.3-litre V6 hybrid, the Explorer can achieve an estimated 9.6 L/100 km and make the most of its 318 horsepower.

The best fuel economy figures you can get with the Durango peak at 11.3 L/100 km in combined mode.


We could, of course, continue the comparison with the all-wheel drive systems, the cargo space or the towing capacity (which varies from 5600 pounds for the Ford or 6100 pounds for the Durango). Still, you get the idea: both vehicles are powerful.

But the Explorer's many versions, its renewed look and specialized editions like the ST or the Timberline make the Ford more attractive to driving enthusiasts. Come test drive one, you'll be convinced.

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