Oops, I forgot my key in my Ford!

You forgot your key in your car. Which is pretty unpleasant, I must say. But if your Ford is equipped with the SecuriCode system, you're not in that much trouble. If, of course, you've taken the trouble to set it up or make a note of your car's factory code.

2022 08 18

Basically, the SecuriCode is the list of numbers installed on the door of some Ford vehicles, also known as the keyless entry keypad. Just use the right code, and your car will unlock easily. This way, you can, among other things, assign a code to each user of the vehicle and, for example, set the seat memory for each user.

How does Ford SecuriCode work?

Ford vehicles equipped with keyless entry technology are assigned a 5-digit number at the factory, which is provided at the time of purchase. With this code, you can lock and unlock the vehicle and even open the trunk. To activate it, simply slide your finger across the numeric keypad and follow the instructions below:

Enter the factory code provided by Ford. To unlock all doors, press the 3-4 button. To open the trunk, press button 5-6. To lock the vehicle, you must press buttons 7-8 and 9-0 at the same time.

Don't know your code?

It is possible to retrieve the factory preset code even if you have forgotten it. However, you must have both vehicle keys in your possession before starting the procedure.

Insert one key into the ignition, then turn it on for a few seconds. Turn the ignition off, then remove the key. Insert the second key into the ignition, then turn the ignition on.

The factory-set code will be displayed for a few seconds on the dashboard, in the display above the steering wheel.

How do I set a custom code?

It is, of course, possible to create a custom code. You can easily do this through the infotainment system or by consulting your Ford technician at Lincoln Heights. They can also help you retrieve the original factory code if you wish.

Granted, this system is not available on all of our vehicles, but it has a long history of success. Learn to master it. You'll see, you'll really appreciate it!

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