How do you extend the battery life of your Lightning in winter?

Winter in Canada is harsh. As we all know, the cold, windy and wet weather can make being outdoors uncomfortable. These temperatures also affect your vehicle.

2022 11 25

On a gasoline-powered car, it will affect fuel economy, obviously. So you'll have to fill up more often, although you may not realize it. On an electric vehicle like the Ford Lightning or the Mach- E, however, it can have a direct impact on your range.

Does the cold really affect the battery?

Actually, that's not even a question. Look at the number of calls to our winter service department to boost a 12-volt battery, and you'll see that all batteries are affected.

The logic is simple: low temperatures slow down the chemical reactions inside the battery. But rest assured, there are more and more easy-to-use solutions. The very design of vehicles, and the advent of new materials, are also reducing this concern. Basically, winter is not a problem with an electric car any more than it is with your combustion car.

So here are a few tips, nothing too scientific, that will help you extend the life of your battery while improving your comfort in the process.

Limit charging

As you probably know, charging an electric car to 100% is not the best way to ensure longevity. Ideally, especially in winter, keep the maximum charge level at 80%, and try never to go below 20%. This is a bit like leaving at least a quarter of a tank in your gasoline car to avoid problems.

Use a garage

Again, this is a tip that applies to both combustion and electric engines. But the hotter your car is when you start the engine, the less fuel consumption and loss you will experience.

Precondition the car

That's one of the best things about electric cars like the Lightning. Thanks to Ford Pass, you can preheat your car while it's still plugged into the home circuit. Consumption is minimal and doesn't affect your range at all. Better yet, you're getting into a warm vehicle that has absolutely no pollution to warm up. Your battery will be warm, as will your seats and the interior.

Use the heated seats

The heat pumps in electric models play an excellent role without affecting the range too much. But heated seats are even more economical. They'll keep you warm, and they don't rely on the lithium-ion battery to operate. Ideal for maintaining comfort and efficiency.

Maintain proper tire pressure

Cold temperatures affect tire pressure, no matter what type of car you drive. Every 5 to 6 degrees Celsius drop in temperature causes your tires to lose about 1 PSI of pressure. So opt for properly inflated tires, and ideally low friction tires. Your car will thank you by driving longer!

Have a good winter!

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