If your Ford and your phone kept you safe

Ford's goal, and that of many automakers, is to provide you with the safest vehicles possible. You already have CoPilot360, which combines a number of driving aids, such as brake assist and blind spot recognition.

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CoPilot Plus versions add features like intelligent cruise control or lane keeping assist. And if your Ford is equipped with SYNC4, like the Mustang Mach-E, the Ford F-150 or one of the other SUVs in the family, you may even have access to Blue Cruise, the driving system that lets you let go of the wheel and let the vehicle drive itself.

Be warned, though, that you'll need to stay alert, watch the road, and make sure you're driving on some of the 300,000 miles of roads already mapped out by Ford and its partners in the Blue Cruise system.

Add to that the fact that your Ford is likely paired with your smartphone to make it seamless to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, or allow you to use the Ford Pass Connect app to unlock or locate your car remotely.

All of these systems are already functional and commonplace on your new vehicle. But suppose we take it a step further, and make your phone a true partner in your safety? That's what Ford is developing.

A new technology

Invisible obstacles are always something on a driver's mind while on the road, but a new technology Ford is currently researching could help. This new technology based on your smartphone can warn drivers of pedestrians, cyclists and other objects on the road, even if they are in the path of the vehicle but the driver can't see them.

This technology currently exists as a concept application. This app is installed on a pedestrian's phone and uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) messaging to indicate the location of the phone and its owner to a connected Ford vehicle. The vehicle calculates if there is a risk of collision, and the Ford SYNC system can provide various on-screen alerts, such as pedestrian or cyclist graphics with audio alerts.

The system uses speed to determine if a person is a pedestrian or cyclist, and assesses the risk of the situation based on the direction in which they are moving, causing the required Ford vehicle to send alerts to the driver if necessary.

Of course, all this technology is still in the testing phase. But the day is coming when your Ford will be able to warn you of an invisible danger on the road. Until then, rely on our exceptional vehicles and CoPilot 360. Ask our advisors to learn more about the in-car safety systems in our Ford SUVs!

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