The Ford Mach-E, best EV according to Consumer Report

When Consumer Report magazine in the United States studies a vehicle, the study is serious. It takes into account the tests of specialists, of course. They take a ride, use the car for several days, even weeks, and evaluate its behaviour.

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But Consumer Report goes much further. To ensure that the vehicle really delivers on its promises, the journalists contact real owners and have them fill out a satisfaction form. This data is then paired with more objective data, such as projected reliability ratings and technical data.

For 2022, the magazine also added safety requirements, including a brake assist system with pedestrian detection and pre-collision brake assist. Points, two in total, are also added when the vehicle offers active driver assistance.

Basically, your car has to be efficient, fun and safe, and it has to deliver on its promises. Which is why we're so proud to see the Mustang Mach-E take the title in the increasingly competitive electric car category.

Why the Mach-E

Of course, it's easy to see why the Mach-E dominated the field when you look at the selection criteria. As we know, in terms of safety, for example, the Mach-E far exceeds the basic requirements. The mere presence of the Blue Cruise system, which allows the car to take control without driver intervention on more than 300,000 American road miles, adds points to the vehicle in safety.

The high level of owner satisfaction was also a significant factor in Mach-E's win. But what impressed experts most was the driving pleasure that comes with the electric crossover.

Experts liked its fun-to-drive feel, quick acceleration, handling and comfort, regardless of where you sit in the vehicle. This means that even the rear seats have more than enough room.

It must be said that the variety of models and powers available with the Mach-E have contributed to this success. For example, the various options range from 266 horsepower in the more conservative version to the impressive 480 horsepower capacity of the Mach-E GT Performance.

Not to mention the most critical aspect, the range, which goes from 360 kilometres with the 70 kWh battery (an increase of two since last year), to 505 kilometres of range with the 91 kWh battery (depending on the version chosen).

With fast charging, fun to drive and unique styling, not to mention safety, it's easy to see why the Mustang Mach-E is Consumer Report's top choice for electric cars.

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