Should you lease or buy your car?


There's no right or wrong answer, only what works best for you!

Unique lease benefits and features

Lease a Vehicle -- Keep your Options Open

Lease payments are often lower than similar-term finance payments because you're only paying for the portion of the vehicle's value used during the lease terms (and associated lease charges). This also means you don't have to worry about depreciation as your vehicle's lease-end purchase price is guaranteed from the start.

Lease benefits

Unique lease benefits and features:

  • You're always driving a new car -- enjoying the gas-and-go phase, especially when paired with a Ford Maintenance Protection Plan!
  • Your Ford is covered by warranty for most, if not all, of your term.
  • Variety of terms available to suit your payment needs, with several kilometre options.
  • Customize your vehicle at time of lease with approved accessories. 
  • Three lease-end options:
    • Purchase or Lease a new Ford
    • Purchase your leased vehicle at a predetermined price
    • Return your leased vehicle - with added WearCare protection you can guard your wallet from excess wear and tear charges.
Benefits of ownership

Finance a Vehicle -- Make it yours 

Benefits of buying

Unique benefits and features of ownership:

  • Variety of terms.
  • No kilometre limits or excess wear and tear charges.
  • Customize your vehicle at any time.
  • Each payment helps build vehicle equity toward future trade-in.
  • Pride of ownership!

Consult with our financing specialists today to find the right solutions for you.

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